3 Tips to Building Strong, Sustainable Think Tanks

Ora-Orn Poocharoen - Video TTIX 2018

One of the key themes of this final exchange has really been on focusing on issues of sustainability and how think tanks, and those who support them, can build sustainable organizations that are not only highly adaptable but also have a deep understanding of their contexts and the global drivers of change. Unpacking what this sustainability entails and what lessons can be shared with others, has been a reoccurring point of reflection throughout this final Think Tank Initiative (TTI) Exchange.

One of the highlights of this Exchange has been the very welcoming environment from our host country of Thailand. We took a moment to speak to Ora-Orn Poocharoen, Director, School of Public Policy, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, on what her advice would be on building strong sustainable think tanks.

Ora-Orn offers 3 top tips for building sustainable organizations.

  1. Work on issues that touch on systemic and structural problems, not just what is considered fact or observable.
  2. Adopt more technology into data collection and communication of research.
  3. Create a platform for different stakeholders, with differing views, to come together and create new ideas.
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