Day One

Navigating the different worlds of research, and policy

Ian Goldman

The appetite for and use of evidence in policymaking is growing across the continent of Africa. The key to effective evidence use is active and intentional communication and engagement between those generating research and evidence, and those needing to use it in their decisionmaking. Ian Goldman, from the Department...

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A powerful current found in the fishbowl (session)

As the first day of the African Evidence Informed Policy Forum comes to an end, I am sure all of our heads are spinning with the myriad of thoughtful comments and questions raised during the panel session and the fishbowl session that concluded the day. The fishbowl, an alternative...

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It takes a village….(to get evidence into use)

The keynote speaker for the conference, Ian Goldman, talked about the importance of understanding the decision-makers’ point of view when pushing for better use of evidence, alongside the role of other actors in the ‘evidence ecosystem’. Ian is Acting Deputy Director General and Head of Evaluation and Research at...

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