Building More Effective and Sustainable Research Organisations

Nisha Arunatilake - Video TTIX 2018

As the first day of the Think Tank Initiative’s final Exchange kicked off, participants took time to introspect on how TTI has shaped and influenced their various organisations. While many challenges do remain, it was clear that the progress made over the past decade has helped research organisations to be more effective in how they approach their work.

Nisha Arunatilake, Director of Research at the Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS) took a moment to reflect on how TTI funding has transformed how IPS conducts research and communicates it.

In this video, Nisha remarks on how much more effective IPS has become after a decade of the Think Tank Initiative (TTI). Nisha describes how TTI has helped IPS to become more focused in how they conduct research in a way that promotes policy influence. She highlights the three key ways that TTI supported IPS. Firstly, it helped to improve how IPS conducts their research. Secondly, it helped in how they identify research questions. Lastly, working with TTI has helped them in communicating this research to the relevant policy makers.

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