TTIX 2018

The Legacy of the Think Tank Initiative in Peru

Santiago Cueto - Video TTIX 2018

The final Think Tank Initiative (TTI) Exchange has come to an end. It has been a decade of collaboration, sharing and learning across 42 think tanks in 20 countries in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia. To mark the...

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Re-imagining the Role of Southern Voices in the Future

Andrea Ordonez, Director of Southern Voice

As the final day of the final Think Tank Initiative (TTI) Exchange got underway, Andrea Ordonez, Director of Southern Voice, delivered an inspirational call to action for think tanks to work together in redefining development. Andrea reminded audiences that...

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Exploration and Engagement on #2018TTIX Day Two

Day two was markedly different in format to the opening day of the Exchange. It centred firmly around group discussion, participation and peer interaction. The day provided space for the questions, which arose in day one, to be discussed...

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3 Tips to Building Strong, Sustainable Think Tanks

Ora-Orn Poocharoen - Video TTIX 2018

One of the key themes of this final exchange has really been on focusing on issues of sustainability and how think tanks, and those who support them, can build sustainable organizations that are not only highly adaptable but also...

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#2018TTIX Day One: Looking Back, Looking Forward

TTIX 2018 Day 1

Day one of TTIX 2018 provided plenty of ideas to fuel further discussion over the coming days. From establishing how think tanks can engage effectively with funders to considerations of the more existential roles of knowledge producer and curator...

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TTIX E-Forum: Summary of Discussions

The TTI Exchange 2018 e-forum ran from 8 -29th October 2018 as part of preparations for the TTI Exchange scheduled to take place in Bangkok on November 12-16, 2018. The E-Forum’s objectives were: To provide a space for participants...

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How Think Tanks are Key to Green Growth

As TTIX approaches, we reflect on the value of think tanks and the effectiveness of core support The final Think Tank Initiative Exchange is fast approaching and to mark the occasion, TTI joined up with the co-host of the...

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Bringing a gender lens to the TTI Exchange

How can organizations ensure that the events they host are as inclusive and gender-equitable as possible? Not an easy question to answer, but TTI has made it a priority to bring a gender lens to our event planning for...

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Things to do While in Bangkok

woman riding boat holding paddle on calm body of water in front of houses

The following information is provided courtesy of EXO Travel. Looking for suggestions for things to do during your free time in Bangkok? The TTIX Planning Team, in collaboration with a Thailand based travel and touring agency, i.e. EXO Travel,...

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Getting Ready for the Exchange: What You Should Know

Bangkok, Thailand

Coming to the Exchange? We look forward to welcoming you! This post provides important travel and conference information of things to know prior to coming to Thailand. Please note however, that the content of this page is provided for...

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Unveiling TTIX 2018: Time to Celebrate

Unveiling TTIX

From November 11-14th, over 200 think tank representatives, policymakers, donors, researchers, and like-minded stakeholders will converge in Bangkok, Thailand to celebrate all that’s been achieved over nearly a decade of the Think Tank Initiative (TTI). Our flagship event, the...

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