Collaboration as a tool for Transforming Research Organisations

Blandina Kilama - Video TTIX 2018

After almost a decade of organizational support, the Think Tank Initiative has brought together over 250 representatives of think tanks, policy-makers, donors and other research-to-policy actors for a final Think Tank Initiative Exchange to mark the last year of the program.

Day 1 kicked off with reflecting on and sharing lessons, experiences and insights after a decade of working to build sustainable policy research organisations. As part of this reflective process, Dr Blandina Kilama, Senior Researcher from REPOA, Tanzania, took some time to share her experiences over the past decade.

She highlights, how the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) core funding have enabled REPOA to develop their technical and analytical capacity, as well as providing opportunities for collaboration through the work conducted by TTI’s visiting Senior Research Fellows. She also notes how working together with TTI has helped REPOA to influence policy in areas such as health and industrial productivity.

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