Getting Ready for the Exchange: What You Should Know

Bangkok, Thailand

Coming to the Exchange? We look forward to welcoming you!

This post provides important travel and conference information of things to know prior to coming to Thailand. Please note however, that the content of this page is provided for information only.

Entry Requirements

TTIX participants are required to obtain an appropriate entry visa from a Royal Thai Embassy or a Royal Thai Consulate-General before entering Thailand. To apply for an entry visa to Thailand, kindly contact your respective Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate-General for accurate information regarding visa application procedures and required documentation.

A comprehensive list of Royal Thai Embassies/Consulate-Generals can be found at here.

We recommend that you apply for the Non-Immigrant Visa: Category ED. Please note, however, that nationals of select countries do not need a visa to enter Thailand provided they meet either one of the following requirements:

  • Their countries have concluded bilateral agreements with Thailand on the exemption of visa requirements;
  • They are nationals of countries/territories that are exempt from visa requirements for tourism purpose.

(See here the list of visa exempt countries).

Travel Advisory

TTIX participants are advised to be respectful of Thai customs at all times. Please note that Thailand has implemented laws against making negative comments about the institution of the monarchy. Such laws are strictly enforced and are applicable to spoken, written, gestures and electronic communication, including social media. (For more information on Thai Etiquette and customs, please see here)

TTIX delegates are in addition advised to exercise caution and monitor the media to stay informed of developments with regards to their safety and security while in-country. We recommend adhering to any instructions or restrictions issued by the local Thai authorities. (For more information please see here.)

Health and Vaccination

In accordance with the International Health Regulations and with the aim to protect the country from the risk of importing the Yellow Fever virus, the government of Thailand/the Ministry of Public Health requires proof of Yellow Fever vaccination from travelers arriving from countries where Yellow Fever is endemic or areas where the risk of exposure is high. Participants who are nationals of countries (or have traveled from/through countries) that have been declared as Yellow Fever infected areas, will have to submit a proof of Yellow Fever vaccination (i.e. an International Health Certificate) with their visa application form. Kindy note that the International Health Certificate will also have to be presented at a Health Control Office upon arrival at the port of entry in the Kingdom, prior to proceeding to immigration.

Please note that the period of validity for a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is of 10 years. Participants who need to get vaccinated should have their vaccination completed at least 10 days prior to entering the Kingdom of Thailand.

Airport Transfers

Participants are encouraged to make their own transportation arrangements from Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Mueang International Airport to their respective hotels. Public transport services are available at both airports. Recommended transport services at the Suvarnabhumi Airport include, limousine services, metered public Taxi Services, and airport rail link. For further information please consult this site. Similar information can be found on the following site of the Don Mueang International Airport.

Hotel Accommodation

Once in Thailand, we recommend staying at the Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, where the conference will take place. Please note that we have negotiated a special group rate for TTIX participants. Kindly contact us at to gain access to this rate. Should you elect to not stay at the Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, the following provides additional options of hotels for you to consider.

Accessibility Support for Persons with Different Abilities

The TTIX Planning Team is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all and creating a space that recognizes the different abilities of all conference attendees. Should you require any specific accommodation or on-site assistance (e.g. accessible reserved seating, printed materials in alternative format, assistive listening devices etc.), kindly let us know by contacting:

Prayer and Meditation Room

A prayer/meditation room has been made available for your personal use during the Exchange. This room can be found in the business center, on the second floor of the Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, as outlined in the floor plan below. Should you need to access it during the conference, kindly contact:
second floor floorplan

That is all for now. Safe travels and see you in November!

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