Nipon Poapongsakorn

Associate Professor Nipon Poapongsakorn, is currently a distinguished fellow, Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation (TDRI)

Dr. Nipon Poapongsakorn formerly held the position of President of TDRI, and Dean, Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University, where he was also Associate Professor. He has been also teaching  business and political economy course  in the Executive MBA  program of Thammasat University.

DR.Nipon Poapongsakorn articles and publications related to labour economics and human resources; agricultural and livestock policies; industrial economics, trade and investment; corruption and conflicts of interest, as well as economic evaluation and planning assessment. research is the rice research and long-term issues facing the rice industry. He now begins to do new research in the areas of water management, emphasizing on the institutional arrangement of flood management. Dr. Nipon Poapongsakorn is the author of over 180 research

Some of his papers and research which are published in international journals are as follows : “Competition Policy in Thailand” in the Review of Industrial Organization (2002) ; The Decline and Recover of Thai Agriculture” published by FAO (2006) ; “The Cost Benefit Analysis of Tax Payer Survey”, with Beverly Dahlby, in the study on “Technological Change and the Returns and Investments in Firm-level Training: Evidence from Thailand” with Futoshi Yamauchi, published in Journal of Development Studies in 2009 and the study on “ASEAN Automotive Industry in the Emerging Environment of Economic Integration” published by UNCTAD in 1997.  Moreover, he has many articles and books in collaboration with scholars, for instance, “The Thai Rural Credit System” with Professor Ammar Siamwalla ; “Informal Finance: Some Findings in Asia in association with A. Das-Gupta published  by ADB in 1991 ; and the research on “Housing Demand and Required Residential Construction” which is published in the Economic Impact of Demographic Change in Thailand in 1980-2015 edited by Burnham O.Campbell, Andrew Mason, and Ernesto M. Pernia.

Nipon Poapongsakorn has advised governments, the ADB and the World Bank on issues from the rice price and agricultural policies, education and industrial policy to trade strategy. He is currently an executive member of the Asian Society of Agricultural Economists, and the Asia Pacific Agricultural Policy Forum  (APAP), member of the National Rice Policy Committee, president of the Thai Economics Society, council member of the Chiangmai University Council, member of  the Tribunal of Public Information on Economy and Fiscal Information, the Legal Development Committee of the Council of State, and the Thailand Productivity Institute Board of Directors, etc.  He used to serve as committee members and directors of several government agencies, state enterprises and foundations, e.g., the Board of Investment, the National Economic and Social Development Board, the Trade Competition Committee, the Port Authority of Thailand, TMB Board of Directors,  the Foundation of Rural Reconstruction and Development, and the National Reform Assembly Committee, and advisor to the Minister of Finance  in 2006-2008.