Think Tanks at the Crossroads of Evidence. What Next?

Think Tanks at the crossroads of evidence. What next?

The Think Tank Initiative is nearly ten years old. As the programme enters its final year, it is a good opportunity to reflect on the journey so far – what has been achieved and learned; to assess where we are now; and to use those insights to project forward 10 years.

The ‘TTI family” meets face-to-face for the final Exchange in Bangkok in just over a month, and we know that there are always more people to talk to; more topics to discuss; and more experiences to share than is possible to complete in three short conference days.

So, we are starting the conversations early ….

From October 8th – 29th, 2018, we are hosting a series of moderated online discussions with all invited guests to the TTIX 2018. This is an important space for participants to share their initial thoughts and experiences of the journey so far, and to highlight key questions and issues that will inform the dialogue and planned sessions in Bangkok.

The discussions will be informed by a think piece that explores the journey that TTI has taken in the last 10 years, how the evidence landscape has changed during that time and where current trends may take us over the next 10 years.   The think piece will be the basis for discussion over the three week online interaction and it is available in English, French and Spanish. Read the full piece here.

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the e-forum, introduce yourself to the rest of the TTI family, and join the discussion!

We look forward to talking with you.

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